Five Friday Favourites!

So here is my list of Five Friday Favourites! I had been thinking about this for a few days, and I was convinced that one of my items was going to be “Deadline Day Deals”. The English Premier League transfer window closed (slammed shut for some of us) on Tuesday, and I was so sure that we had a big signing coming our way. No such luck, but I will continue to try to keep the faith in my Gooners!


On a more positive note, here are five things that made my favourite list for this week:

1. Getting organized for Bali!!!
I can’t believe that our honeymoon is right around the corner! We have SUCH an amazing itinerary, and I know it is going to be a great time. It is a great mix of relaxing and strenuous, with tons of opportunities to sightsee and experience the culture. This week I got all of my clothes organized, so that I will be in good shape for a slightly more hectic week of prep next week. I’m also planning on doing a post on what I packed, since I consider myself to be a bit of a packing artist


2. Snapea crisps
I think I’ve been really behind the times, because I just discovered these guys. I know they are not the healthiest choice ever, but they really do hit the spot when I need something quick. The cats seem to love them too! Great dipped in guac or hummus

3. Summer weather
Now that it is September, everyone wants to put on leggings and boots and drink their PSLs. I confess that I feel the same way, but I am really fighting the urge because I want to squeeze every last drop out of summer, first! If these rumours about another terrible winter are true, I’m certainly not anxious for the white stuff to start flying (though I do love fall and winter, too). I find that right now is the perfect weather for a 6am run: not too hot and not too cold. I am still very happy with my decision to give up my gym membership, as I don’t use it and work out more effectively at home, but I am a little nervous about getting my runs in if it is super cold or icy. Last year I went running on New Years Day, and it was so cold that I lost control of my limbs and just randomly fell. Not fun.


4. September challenges
Instagram seems to be full of September challenges! I really want to join in on the fun, but I don’t know if there is much point when I will be away for half of September. As I’ve mentioned, Joaquin and I are doing the PopSugar Fitness 2-week plank challenge just to get our cores extra tight for Bali, and that is going well. I’m joining in on Fitnessista’s Squat Challenge for as long as I’m around, too. I decided to pass on the blogilates goodvibeschallenge, but only because it is daily and I will have to miss so much. I’m hoping there will be something similar in October, because I can always use good vibes! Let me know if you have found any other good challenges.


5. TIU salads!!!

A month ago, I took the plunge and became a TIU girl (after following their workout schedule for a few months). I was worried I wouldn’t enjoy the recipes, because the ones I had tried were hit and miss. Since joining, I have seen great results, and am blown away by the support within the community, but maybe the best thing I’ve gotten from it so far is this salad! Here is a similar recipe that is available for non-members. While fruit is in season, this is my lunch pretty much every other day. I don’t see myself getting sick of it (and this is another reason why I’m not wishing summer away).

Questions for you:

Have you been to Bali? Any recommendations?

Do you like to run? What temperature is too cold for a run?

What are some favourites from your week?

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