Long weekend love!

So this was the best kind of weekend, not only because it was a long weekend, but also because it is the last weekend before our honeymoon! It was great to get everything all organized, and to have the extra day to take it easy after all of that work. But first, I’ll rewind!

Friday after work, we both completely flaked out on the couch. We usually go grocery shopping after work on Friday, but we just passed out. I even pinged Joaquin to try to wake him up so that he could go shopping, but that didn’t help. We woke up around 6, and finally got it together and went to the store. Groceries were pretty light, though I could not find blueberries to save my life! We also grabbed some sushi, and ate dinner while watching The Family Tree. There was a little too much Tottenham love, so we eventually switched to Fever Pitch, and had an early night with only a few Lion King reenactments.


Saturday I was up early and got a good run in. I set a PR for this training cycle. I’m still run-walking, but I’m really excited about my natural pace, and I am up to 9 mins run, 1 min walk, which I feel good about, especially considering the heat. Afterwards, I did exciting stuff like folding laundry, and then my mom picked me up and we went to Stratford to see Carousel. We grabbed lunch ahead of time at the Keystone Alley Cafe. It was very good, but incredibly filling, and in fact I could only finish one third of it. The food was really good, and, as previously mentioned, I hate food waste, so we hatched a plan. I googled the nearest variety store, and walked over to buy a bag of ice. We filled the cooler with it, threw our leftovers on top, covered them with more ice, and then put a blanket over it in a shady part of the trunk. It kept perfectly, and there was still ice in it hours later when we got home! To cool off after that walk all around Stratford, we had some gelato, then went to the show. It was good, but not my favourite, There were some powerful moments, but overall it left me a little flat. We then met Joaquin at my parents’ house, where we had turkey burgers, squash, massaged kale salad, and local corn. I also helped my mom with her new Facebook account, and just did some organizing. Unfortunately, I think I had heat exhaustion from all of the walking in the heat, so I spent most of the time with a frozen bean bag on my head or neck, We went home pretty quickly after dinner, and I drank water and iced my head until an early bedtime.


Sunday was definitely a work day. Fortunately I woke up feeling much better. I met a friend from university for breakfast, and went to the market for errands. I am one of those people, and I’m doing a slimdown this week in anticipation of Bali bathing suits, so I planned out my meals and workouts and did a lot of meal prep. I’m feeling very ready. I got in a good workout after that, and then packed my bags for the trip!


I was really worried that I had too many clothes out to pack, but everything is in my bag, and it is only half full! When I say everything is in my bag, I mean just the clothes. Liquids and cosmetics will go in later this week, but I know I am in very good shape, packing-wise. Joaquin also organized a lot of the administrative stuff while I was working, and we bought our tickets to Something Rotten! Look out Brian d’Arcy James!


I then helped Joaquin with his packing, and we relaxed on the couch with some dinner and Bachelor in Paradise. If The Bachelor starts while we’re away, we may finally kick this addiction, though I’m not optimistic. Overall, it has been a great weekend, and I’m pumped to have another day to relax! Friends have already invited us over for a swim, so it is shaping up to be a tough day…

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