Five Friday Favourites

So we’re still in Bali, and I’m having an amazing time. I’m so happy that I want to go on and on about more than five favourites. In the interests of maximizing my vacation, I will stick with five, and again store up my amazing experiences to post about later:

  1. My bathing suit


I mentioned earlier that I bought a new bathing suit for Bali. It is so comfortable, and I feel great in it. It’s nice to still be in bathing suit weather at the end of September (remember that it is a Canadian writing this, and I am accustomed to snow as early as October). I made a conscious effort not to complain about the heat all summer!

2. Rick Riordan’s new series


Joaquin and I both love Rick Riordan, and we have been hoping he would make a Norse series basically since his last series ended. Our wishes came true!! I can’t wait for this to come out. I agree that some of his humour is a bit young, but considering his audience is generally pre-adolescent boys, I am not criticizing him. The man writes a great story. I love all mythology, and am always impressed by creative takes on familiar stories, so I can’t wait to see what he does with Norse mythology.

3. The references in “Musical”

Just watch the video. Seriously. I would consider myself more knowledgeable than most, and even I missed some of the references! I was so angry at myself over a few of them, too. This is one of the reasons why I was so excited to see the show. It is just so intelligently written. I used to claim that none of it was particularly subtle, but brilliant nonetheless. Then I realized that there were a lot of subtle references that I was missing entirely! Brilliant song. It isn’t easy to sample the work of others in a way that makes sense in your song, and the writers deserve major credit for cramming this many references into one song.

4. My cats


I miss my cats. I’m having an amazing time, but I always miss the fur-babies when I’m away. I have a post planned in which I discuss the cats, because I’m no crazy cat-lady, but I do have some things to say about them. I don’t want to come home, and I’ve been telling people that I’m not coming home, but I’m very exciting to hug the gingercat, and cuddle his sister. I hope they’re being well-looked-after.

5. Confidence

No photos for this section! I know that no matter how I look, posting any photos relating to this is just asking for trouble. And I may have gained confidence, but not that much! But I have to say, for the first time in a long time, I feel good in my skin. I don’t look the exact way that I want to look, but I am happy to be satisfied with my appearance. This is the first time I have been comfortable wearing a two-piece bathing suit that doesn’t entirely cover my stomach. Since joining Tone It Up, I have lost some weight and toned up, but that’s not really what it is about. I feel better about myself. Though I am getting a hint of abs, and I spent a long time before we left for our trip showing my husband workout selfies and asking if he could see any abs. The point is, even though I see room for improvement, it is a nice change to be happy with myself. Self-love doesn’t come easily to me, so I am relishing it. I hope that I can keep it, no matter how my body looks.

Questions for you:

What are your Friday favourites?

Do you have pets?


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