Post-birthday blues

To be perfectly honest, I don’t have the blues. I really enjoyed planning a nice birthday for Joaquin, but I am happy to be able to focus on other things now. The weekend was mostly about his birthday, but I think he really enjoyed himself.

On Friday, we went to visit my parents. They had gone up North for two days to see the changing leaves, and just enjoy some time away. There is also apparently a really nice bakery up there, and Mother knew we were going to come down for dinner, so she spent $38 on treats from the bakery. Needless to say, we all rolled away from the table that night. They also gave Joaquin some birthday presents, namely a bottle of hot sauce, and a cutting board that matches my new set of dishes.

IMG_20151002_212522 (1)

He loves to get new kitchen stuff, so even though the pattern is a bit feminine, he was quite excited.

On Saturday, I was up very early to finish baking birthday cupcakes. The recipe was a bit more involved than I usually have patience for (and I did get a bit fed up), but they came out pretty well!

I had already baked the cupcakes, using a boxed mix but modifying the instructions according to this site.


After that, I cut a hole in the top of each of the cupcakes while the butter softened.


When the butter was softer, I whipped up some marshmallow filling that I adapted from this recipe, and filled the cupcakes. I am terrible at gauging how much to use, and how much I have left, so of course I ended up skimping at the beginning, and then going back and adding more filling to the first cupcakes. Afterwards, I put the tops back on so that I could ice them.


The frosting was my big disappointment. I used my piping tool for the filling, so I decided to just put the frosting in a Ziploc bag and snip the corner off. Unfortunately, the frosting was so thick that it didn’t really come out the way I hoped. I know thick frosting is usually desirable, but it wasn’t what I wanted. I used canned frosting, and I had done lots of research about how to modify it, but I didn’t try any of them. Anyway, the piping looked awful, so I just messily spread the frosting with a spoon, and then piped a dollop of marshmallow filling on the top, just to look halfway attractive.

CAM01226 CAM01227

Oh well, they tasted okay and were quite popular.

Joaquin and I took it easy for most of the day, and then I took him out for dinner. After that, I surprised him by taking him to an escape room, where a bunch of friends met us. The room we chose had a 30% success rate, but we did it! It was a lot of fun, and I think everyone is keen to try another one. After that, we had people over for some drinks and fun. Most people went out to the bar for some karaoke, but I was too tired and went to bed. (When am I going to kick this jet lag?!)

Sunday morning I finally got back out for a run! My diet was really terrible this week, to the point that my whole body was sore and I just felt sluggish and ill. I did some great meal prep to set myself up for success this week, and started off on the right foot with a nice 2-mile run, followed by some proper eats. Joaquin and I agreed not to watch the soccer together, but he was pretty good-natured about the fact that the results went my way.


I had some choir admin in the afternoon, and then we just relaxed for the rest of the evening. It was just what we needed for a Sunday!

Questions for you:

Have you ever done an escape room?

Do you like to bake?

What is your ideal weekend?

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