Five Friday Favourites

It has suddenly occurred to me that it is Friday, and I need to put together some favourites! I want to just keep naming all of the books, but that is boring and repetitive. Without further ado, here are my favourites for the week:

1. Lunchtime walks

The weather right now is at that weird in-between point. It is quite cool in the morning, but warms up significantly by afternoon. Noon is pretty much the perfect time for long walks. I’ve mentioned the Tone It Up charity challenge already, so I won’t go into it again other than to say that I am trying to rack up as many miles as possible. I’m easing back into running, but in the meantime, my 60-minute lunch break is the perfect amount of time to get in a brisk 3 miles. I am more alert for the afternoon, and I have the satisfaction of knowing that my miles are earning money for a good cause, thanks to charity miles.


2. Fall wardrobe change

We switched our closets last night, moving our spring/summer-wear downstairs, and bringing up the fall/winter stuff. Last week, I had a minor crisis. I wanted to wear a dress that I was convinced was hanging in my closet, and when I couldn’t find it in the morning, 6 outfit changes ensued, and I didn’t feel right all day. It is maybe a bit early for the wardrobe change, but the weather calls for the warmer stuff and darker colours. Plus, it is nice to see some pieces I haven’t seen for six months!


3. Hug a Fat Month

Chocolate-covered Katie wrote a post this week reviving her old “Hug A Fat” series. The post is all about recognizing that healthy fats are an important part of proper nutrition. The challenge is to take a photo of yourself with your favourite healthy fats. This was a tough one for me, as avocados are basically the best thing ever. But Joaquin is allergic, so I don’t get them very often. Plus, I seem to be loving on all things coconut these days. My current breakfast of choice is a coconut chai chia pudding, so for my huggable fat, I had to go with coconut oil.


4. PBFingers’ coconut dessert popcorn

I guess this should come as no surprise given my previous favourite, but I was reminded of this recipe yesterday, and absolutely had to make it. Popcorn is one of my favourite late-night snacks, and I usually throw a mix of coconut oil, nooch, sea salt, and cinnamon on it. But dessert and coconut had to happen, and it was an amazing choice. I highly recommend this recipe to anyone with my sweet tooth and my coconut tooth!

5. Long weekends

It’s Canadian Thanksgiving! I have been hard at work coming up with recipes, as my brother and I are sharing cooking responsibilities (but hosting at my parents’). I’m so excited for the festivities, but am also really pumped to have an extra day to relax. Saturday we are going to Toronto all day for a theatre double-header, which is always fun but exhausting, and then Sunday will be lots of cooking and hosting, meaning Monday we are going to be taking it easy. I can’t wait. Have a lovely weekend all!!


Questions for you:

What are your weekend plans?

What are your weekly favourites?

Do you like coconut?

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