Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving!!

So in Canada, it is Thanksgiving weekend, which means a lot of turkey, and an extra day off to recover. Ours has been pretty busy so far.

Friday I met my mom after work for a manicure. I finally decided to switch from the summer colours to something a bit more autumnal (to go along with my wardrobe change). My manicurist wanted to play around with some nail art, and I was game, so I ended up with a nice colour and some trees!


After that we came back home, stopping for some groceries along the way. We just relaxed and did some reading.

On Saturday, we went to Toronto for a theatre double-header (am I allowed to use sports metaphors when referring to theatre?). Our first show was Motown. I wasn’t super excited about it, since it wasn’t my time period, but the performers did a really good job, and the show was a lot of fun. The Act 1 closer in particular was quite strong. A friend of mine works in theatre in Toronto, and got Joaquin and me comps for the show she was working on. It was called “Upside Downton”, and was a one-man parody of Downton Abbey (of which we are fans). The show was funny, and his impersonations were spot on. Also, it was really nice to catch up with my friend, and Joaquin was excited to be able to do a Richard Ayoade impression outside the theatre.


(He had to borrow my book….more on it later this week).

Sunday was turkey-day for us, which meant a lot of cooking, but first I had something important to do: I voted at the advanced polls for our upcoming federal election. Our timing was great, as I have heard horror stories about long lines and disorganized election staff, but in this case we walked right in and out. The election is next Monday, so we will see what happens.

So the plan was to use my dad’s beer-boiling apparatus to deep-fry the turkey. My parents and brother did a trial run earlier in the week just to sort out timing and all of that, but it was my first deep-frying adventure. I mostly stayed out of that part though.


I was responsible for the veggie portion. I went with roasting a mix of zucchini, parsnips, and brussels sprouts. It was a first for using that recipe, too, but it came out very well.

20151011_134633 20151011_185931

Also on the menu was butternut squash. I made it in the slow cooker to save oven- and stove-space. It had a mix of garlic and dried cranberries in it, which seemed odd to me, but the flavours really worked.

20151011_134716 20151011_190402

I wanted an uncooked side, too, so I whipped up an old favourite from when I was on Weightwatchers. I have some opinions on WW, but I will say that a lot of their food really was good. Multiple people raved about the salad, and I’m really happy with how it came out, too. Besides, it is the time of year to eat copious amounts of carrots and apples, so it just made sense! Joaquin also made some beer bread.


My mom always really likes to have lots of colour on her plate, so I was happy to have the two different oranges, plus the greens and the whites.

We also had stuffing, and our guests brought some pies for dessert. All in all, we had lots of food, and it was all delicious


Although we haven’t had much time to ourselves to get organized this weekend, it has been a good weekend so far. Our Monday plan includes doing all of the weekend chores (condo cleaning, food prep, all that fun stuff), and I may tackle some projects like cleaning the pantry. It has been a big weekend though, so we have to make sure to relax a bit, too!

Questions for you:

Do you like turkey?

Do you enjoy Motown music?

What is your favourite fall food?


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