Marvelous Monday

My weekend felt really busy. Which is odd because I was actually home sick from work on Friday. Fortunately it didn’t linger, and I was able to get everything done that I had scheduled/planned.


I got started on a new tunic that I wanted to knit. After eyeing Christmas leggings forever, I finally caved and bought some. I have other clothes to wear with them, but I want to make myself a nice forest green tunic that will go really well.


After that, I had a choir executive meeting. It went quite well, and we nipped to the store after to get our groceries for the week. We stayed up pretty late watching the Jays lose game when we got home.

On Saturday morning, we got up and watched the footy. I was excited to see Klopp’s first match as Liverpool manager. We also watched Manchester United play Everton. I wasn’t able to watch my Arsenal match, but we PVRed it, and watched the exciting bits when we got home last night. While we watched, I worked on a writing assignment for the choir. I had some pretty serious writers’ block, but I pushed through it and am pretty happy with the end product.


Then I had to run to a choir rehearsal, which was pretty productive. Once that was over, we hung out at my friend’s house for dinner. We had mentioned to her that we had a sausage stuffing attachment for our Kitchen-Aid, but didn’t want to waste a bunch of meat on doing it wrong. Her husband is a hunter, so he has lots of venison kicking around. Joaquin ground up a bunch of it, and they mixed it up with ground pork, spices, etc, and made some sausages and burger patties. I wasn’t involved in that business, but they had a good time. We kept working on choir stuff, because we have a pathological inability to stop.

Sunday was a bit more relaxed. We slept late, and relaxed with some hot chocolate and ruggers. It was not a good weekend for Europe.


Then we cleaned, did laundry, food prepped, and all of that fun stuff. We relaxed a bit and tried to clean out our PVR, because we’ve been busy watching baseball this week. Then my parents came over for dinner and brought pizza. We also finished off the peanut butter brownies I made, and some pastries that my brother gave us. I unloaded some venison sausages on them, and then it was early to bed. I have to say, it was a pretty good weekend!

Questions for you:

Have you had venison?

Have you ever made sausages?

Have you been watching rugby or baseball?


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