Five Friday Favourites

So here are the things that I have been loving (or obsessed with) this week

1. Knitting

So I mentioned last week that I started knitting, because I had a compulsion to work on a project. Even though I have ripped that project out, knitting is a great stress reliever right now. I am really excited to finish my project (which is going to take awhile), but I am really enjoying working on it. I have been particularly antsy this week, so it has been great to have my hands busy.


2. Canadian Election

We had an election on Monday. John Oliver had a lot of things to say about it ahead of time. I was filled with a kind of sick optimism, if that makes sense. Anyway, I am excited that the election is over, because I was SO sick of all of the political ads on every TV show, and I am fairly happy with the results. But here’s to election reform!


3. Arsenal

So Arsenal played Bayern Munich in the Champions League this week, after having lost to both Olympiakos and Dinamo Zagreb. While there would definitely be some benefits to dropping out of the Champions League early (being able to focus on domestic form, where we actually have a chance, for example), it would be very embarrassing. Anyway, I predicted that we would flame out gloriously, by doing something improbably like beating Munich, because that is the Arsenal way. While we aren’t out yet, indeed we did beat Munich 2-0. I was pretty excited about the whole affair.


4. Thinking Out Loud video

Oh. Man. I don’t listen to a lot of popular music, but I did fall in love with this song when I first heard it. I never bothered to check out the music video though, and wow was I ever missing out!! The dancing in it is brilliant, and I am hoping that Joaquin and I can pull off something similar for our dance in January. It’s just amazing.

5. Sally Hansen Miracle Gel

So this last one is a bit silly. I actually had a fairly rough week. Work was not great, to the point that I started crying on my break yesterday (which is really not my style, believe me). I’ve felt like I was barely keeping it together all week (hence my ode to knitting above), and I decided on some simple self-care in the form of a manicure. I went to the store after work, and the polish turned out to be on sale, which was a double bonus. Anyway, I gave myself an at-home spa treatment, and it really helped me to just switch my brain off and relax (in fact, I ended up falling asleep on the couch afterwards).


Questions for you:

What are your Friday favourites?

How do you de-stress after a tough week?

What type of music do you like?


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