So we had an unpleasant experience this weekend. We were attacked by weevils!


Unfortunately, not the Eli Navarro kind of weevil, but the creepy-crawly, eat-everything-in-your-pantry-and-then-come-after-you kind.

We had noticed a few bugs in the past few days, but we just figured they had come in from outside because it is getting cold out. We didn’t think much more of it. Then I opened up our kitchen cupboards….

I should probably explain that we live in a condo, so we don’t have a lot of space. Our kitchen has quite a few cupboards though, so in addition to the ones we use for our dishes and appliances, we use two of them for food storage. They are low in the kitchen, and very deep, which means it can be difficult to get at/see the stuff at the very back.

Anyway, I’m not sure what food product had brought the weevils in, but they had made themselves quite at home in our cupboards. There was a lot of food that had been pushed to the back that I think were weevil delicacies – things like instant oatmeal packets, wasa crackers, and Bisquick.

I have had a bit of a problem with some food hoarding since losing weight while developing a fairly problematic relationship with food, so some of the fault is certainly mine. But a lot of the stuff was Joaquin’s, too, which makes me feel better.

Anyway, I did want to help, but Joaquin banished me from the kitchen. My job was to do research on the best way to eradicate them. I started reading horror stories on the internet (which we all know is the worst place), and after I found out what steps to take, I was forced to put them computer down.

In the end, Joaquin took everything out of the cupboards. We did end up throwing out a lot of things, but we salvaged a bunch, too. I hate food waste, but really, the food was wasted anyway, just sitting in there. That is what I’m telling myself, anyway. Since he wouldn’t let me help, I did laundry and other cleaning. And really, it is just as well he didn’t let me help. I had major creepy-crawlies, and he said it was really gross at times.

Joaquin vacuumed them up as he was taking things out of the cupboards, and then vacuumed all of the cracks after the cupboard was empty. He also sprayed everything.

Most of the stuff that we salvaged is now in the fridge, because I read that cold will kill the eggs after a few days. The cupboards are pretty empty, so it is easy to open it up and catch any stragglers. I know it will take a little while before we get all of them, and I am going to make sure everything gets wiped down and vacuumed every day. The worst of it is dealt with, and we will know what to do if this ever happens again (hopefully not). I am embarrassed to admit that this happened to us, and I’m convinced no one will ever want to come over or eat our food every again, but I know it could happen to anyone. Some sort of grocery we bought had weevil eggs in it, and they hatched, simple as that. My skin is crawling just writing this, so basically if I had to sum up the whole experience in one word, it would be “Ew”.


Ever had weevils?

What did you find worked?

Where do you store your food?


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