Magnus Chase

This weekend, I devoured Rick Riordan’s newest book. It was about a homeless boy in Boston who discovers that his father was a Norse god. Joaquin could not wait for this one, because he loves Norse mythology. We are both big Rick Riordan fans; we’ve read all of the Percy Jackson books, the Lost Hero, … More Magnus Chase

All the overtime

So my weekend didn’t go exactly as planned. We wanted to see Spectre; I was scheduled to go write a choir script, and of course I always like to get to my parents’ house for a visit. Most of that went out the window on Friday, when it was suggested that we work lots of … More All the overtime

Pumpkin Madness

I’m not as big on Hallowe’en as apparently 98% of the rest of the world. I am pretty impressed by some of the amazing costumes that made their way onto social media (especially the ones that weren’t just an excuse to bare all the skin) I wanted to do something to commemorate the day at … More Pumpkin Madness