This week on Broadway Radio…

So Hallowe’en is done, and I have already committed the cardinal sin of writing about it once. But I have to post just one more thing, because this week’s Broadway playlist was all about Hallowe’en! Here are the songs I chose:

Two Lost Souls – Damn Yankees

Jane Krakowski and Cheyenne Jackson! I never knew this version existed, and the dance number is also pretty fun.

Stop! Wait! What? – A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder

So excited to see this show next summer!

Opening Ballad – Sweeney Todd

I can never decide if I prefer the original or the revival

Masquerade – Phantom of the Opera

Music of the Night – Phantom of the Opera

Love to play some Can-Con, and I love to play some Ramin! So glad Phantom allows me to do both

When You’re an Addams – The Addams Family

Freak Flag – Shrek

I never want my playlists to be too heavy, or too dark, which is definitely a risk with a Hallowe’en playlist.

The Destruction – Carrie

Naughty – Matilda

Someone pointed out to me that these are both shows about misfit young girls with terrible parents, a sympathetic teacher, and telekinesis. But talk about different stories!

Belle – Notre Dame de Paris

I have been so obsessed with this song since I first heard the French version 14 years ago.

No Good Deed – Wicked

I play a lot of Wicked on my show, but not usually this song, so it was nice to change it up.

Little Shop of Horrors – Little Shop of Horrors

Time Warp – Rocky Horror Show

Cabin in the Woods – Evil Dead the Musical

Had to end on a zany/high note with these three selections!


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