All the overtime

So my weekend didn’t go exactly as planned. We wanted to see Spectre; I was scheduled to go write a choir script, and of course I always like to get to my parents’ house for a visit. Most of that went out the window on Friday, when it was suggested that we work lots of overtime this weekend.


Rather than spend the entire day working on Saturday, and then trying to cudgel my brains into writing a script, I stayed late for a few hours on Friday, and then went in for five hours on Saturday. I was up a bit later than I planned on Friday, because my brother was out and I expected him to stop by and need a ride home. He was a bit behind schedule, but I was in bed by shortly after midnight. And the good thing about working late was that Joaquin did all of the grocery shopping for us!

After I worked on Saturday, I got home and took a little nap while watching Stoke beat Chelsea. This season is so crazy! I just can’t even imagine what is going to happen. After that we went out and got the choir script written. My friend made roast beef, beets, carrots, peas, mashed potatoes, and coleslaw for dinner, and then we played a lengthy game of Rummoli and ate some homemade pie. Well, actually everyone else played Rummoli; I organized all of the chips into like colours and piles, because I’m a bit obsessive….We got home around midnight, and I slept really well thanks to a bit more wine than was strictly necessary.


Sunday morning, I managed a workout while Joaquin ran some errands, then did some laundry and food prep while watching the North London Derby. Not thrilled with the result, but it could have been worse. I felt so great about getting all of that food prep in, and I’m just really excited for the meals on the plan this week. I’ve been struggling with a recurrence of some disordered eating issues since coming home from the honeymoon, so I’m taking baby steps to clean things up a bit, without making it worse by restricting myself. On the plan this week I have: quinoa breakfast, coconut chai chia pudding, some delightful blueberry oat bars that are so dense and make a great mid-morning snack, couscous salad, goat cheese and beet pizza, lemon garlic chicken, and some butternut squash hash with turkey bacon. What’s not to like?! After that, I took it easy and painted my nails while Joaquin food prepped. I’m working on figuring out another tunic pattern based on the one I already made. I’m hoping it turns out well, but we all know I’m such a perfectionist.


In the evening, my parents came over for dinner. We bought a fresh chicken, rolls, and apple strudel from the market, and my parents brought a salad. It was all really good, and I’m glad they were able to come over. I’m hoping that next week we will get down for a visit and get the Christmas lights up! I insist on waiting to decorate until after Remembrance Day, but by this weekend, all bets are off!


How was your weekend?

Do you decorate for Christmas?

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