Magnus Chase

This weekend, I devoured Rick Riordan’s newest book. It was about a homeless boy in Boston who discovers that his father was a Norse god. Joaquin could not wait for this one, because he loves Norse mythology. We are both big Rick Riordan fans; we’ve read all of the Percy Jackson books, the Lost Hero, and the Kane Chronicles.

I really liked it. Rick Riordan’s books are obviously written for a younger male audience, so I never complain that some of the humour is a bit goofy or silly. I love the way that he manages to weave real life and mythology together, and come up with really interesting explanations for the intersection of the real and mythological world. For example, my brother has a theory that Taylor Swift isn’t human (because no one could be that perfect), and that she came from another planet to entertain the people of Earth. In a conversation with some dwarves, it is suggested that she is not human, and actually comes from one of the Norse worlds. This is never pursued; it is just a passing reference. I like that sort of thing.

I also really liked how blatantly pro-literature Rick Riordan was in this book. Obviously he wants people to read, as he is an author and his livelihood depends on it, but he usually just does his thing and that is that. In this book, however, he made a point of listing off a bunch of authors that his main character liked – authors that would appeal to his audience as they grew older, like Joe Hill, Stephen King, Dean Koontz, and others. He wasn’t pushy, but it was a really nice detail.

I think it was interesting that Annabeth was in the series. When I read the Kane Chronicles, there was an allusion to the Pegasi at Camp Half-Blood, and I hoped that there would be some sort of crossover. The Roman/Greek crossover in The Lost Hero series was amazing. I’m not sure if anything can top it, but I am intrigued about how they are going to bring Annabeth in. Will Percy, or any other familiar characters feature in Magnus Chase? How does this series compare to the Percy Jackson books, or the Lost Hero series in terms of chronology? What is happening or has happened in their universe? Aside from the fact that Annabeth was a character in this book, there was also a sly reference to Percy Jackson. At one point, the main character thought how nerdy a pen that turned into a sword would be.

I don’t know as much about Norse mythology, but I really liked the book. It had the usual Rick Riordan mix of intriguing plot, mythology, silly humour, and heart. I definitely recommend it to anyone who likes this type of book.

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