A Bit About Me

Welcome to my blog, and thank you for stopping by! I truly appreciate anyone who takes the time to check this out. I started this blog for me because I needed a way to express myself, and I also figured it would be a fun way to just chart my daily life. I like to be an optimistic person, but sometimes I struggle to see the positive, which I’m hoping this will help with. I am under no illusions that my life is special or interesting. Brad Pitt told me a long time ago that I am not a unique and beautiful snowflake, and I am well aware of this. I like to read about ordinary people living regular lives, so I am going to put my own regular life on the internet. This blog is a bit of a happiness/accountability project, with a whole lot of me. On that note, here is a little more about me:

I am a 28-year-old who works in records management. I love to travel, sing, knit, work out, organize things, dance, watch (European) football, and read. I have lots of interests and firmly believe there aren’t enough hours in a day. I have a (not-so-secret) dream to climb Mount Kilimanjaro before I’m 30, but I’m coming to terms with the fact that that might not be possible. I have two cats who have very distinct personalities, even though they spend most of their time sleeping on my bed, bookshelf, or back of the couch. I am a singer and dance captain of a Broadway show choir, with just a small musical theater obsession. I am a TIU girl who loves reading about and trying fitness trends. I occasionally sign up for races. I really want to try a triathlon, but I am too afraid. I am an introvert, and often prefer to just stay in (especially on short notice), but I am also surrounded by an amazing support system of people who love me, and I am grateful for all of them every day.

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